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“I learned from John Larson a number of years ago that not all satisfied customers are created equal....“



“The distinction between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty is fine, and the relationship between the two can be capricious. Capturing Loyalty provides an invaluable map through the hazards and pitfalls of satisfaction in the pursuit of truly, enduringly—and profitably—loyal customers.“

 —Jon R. Katzenbach, Founder and Senior Sponsor of the Katzenbach Center at PwC Strategy&,
and co-author of The Wisdom of Teams: Creating the High-Performance Organization

"In my experience, one of the most effective ways to materially increase customer loyalty and commitment is by first focusing on employee loyalty and commitment. Said another way, the performance of an organization’s employees (e.g., sales force, customer support, store personnel) has a major impact on the quality of a customer’s experience. I had the pleasure of successfully working with John Larson to improve both employee and customer satisfaction during my time at Staples. I have been a strong believer in his approach ever since.”

—Dave Almeda, Chief People Officer, Kronos, named one of Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2018. Voted “Chief Resources Officer of the Year” by HRO Today.

Capturing Loyalty offers fresh and compelling insights into what generates high customer satisfaction in both consumer and business-to-business transactions and, with it, market success and a pathway to attractive growth.”

—John A. Luke Jr., Non-Executive Chairman, WestRock

“I have always been surprised at the lack of self-awareness many companies exhibit with regard to their customers. Unless you know exactly who your target customers are it is impossible to determine what they want, much less market to them effectively. Capturing Loyalty guides you through a logical process to identify your high-potential customers and serve their most pressing needs.”

—Lawrence M. Higby, former Chief Executive Officer, Apria Healthcare

“Implementation is the focus of Capturing Loyalty. Many authors, myself included, have focused their attention on the importance of customer loyalty, the best way to measure it, and the economics associated with achieving different levels of customer loyalty. What most authors have not provided is the detailed roadmap (with all the possible hazards along the way) of how to get to the desired levels of customer loyalty. During the past three decades, Larson and McClellan have worked with clients in a variety of settings to profitably increase customer loyalty. They have seen the pitfalls and complexities. They have seen the failures and successes. They understand the organizational, cultural, and leadership challenges. They share their insights with you in Capturing Loyalty.”

—Earl Sasser, UPS Professor of Service Management, Emeritus, Harvard Business School

“Studies have shown, and my experience has indicated, that patients who are highly satisfied with their hospital experience are significantly more compliant, and a patient who takes their medicine and is willing to make healthy lifestyle changes not only improves their own outcome, but is significantly less costly to serve. In an era where per capita healthcare costs are predicted to grow at nearly six percent per year, increasing patient satisfaction is not only a moral imperative, it is an economic one as well. Capturing Loyalty presents a proven way to improve the satisfaction of customers of all stripes—including patients.”

—Norm Payson, Immediate Past Chairman, City of Hope

“At the Blackstone Group we work to insure that our portfolio companies maintain a laser-focus on maximizing customer satisfaction. I learned from John Larson a number of years ago, however, that not all satisfied customers are created equal. Highly satisfied customers are significantly more profitable than anyone else you serve, and his book shows how to groom them from your existing base of generally satisfied customers. And you will learn that the struggle to please your least satisfied customers might not be in your best interest—or theirs.”

—Jeff Overly, Operating Partner, Private Equity, Blackstone Group

“In the world of e-commerce we measure every impression served, every click, and even time just lingering on a page. However, e-commerce marketers who really want to drive results would be better served reading this book and focusing on how to measure and monitor the numbers that matter most—highly satisfied customers and the factors that drive satisfaction. Whether your industry calls it “stickiness” or loyalty, we all admire the companies like Amazon that have it, and this book tells you how to capture customer loyalty and how to develop a culture to continuously cultivate it within your organization."

—Laura Wheeler, Chief Digital Officer,

“In my work with John Larson over nearly two decades and across multiple industries, I’ve experienced firsthand the tremendous positive impact that increasing customer loyalty has on revenue, profitability, and employee satisfaction. Capturing Loyalty expands on the lessons I’ve learned and presents many practical applications of John’s unique but down-to-earth approach. It’s an absolute “must read” for anyone who wants to grow their business.”

—Stephanie A. Streeter, former Chief Executive Officer of Banta Corporation and Libbey

“The ideas and methods presented in Capturing Loyalty may be applied with great success to groups not traditionally thought of a “customers.” Through our work with John Larson we discovered that alumni of ArtCenter College of Design who identified themselves as highly satisfied with their overall experiences with the college were significantly more likely to recommend the school to prospective students, to hire fellow graduates when making staffing decisions, and were much more likely to have donated to the school, and at higher amounts, than their less-satisfied peers. These findings have helped direct our strategic planning for the next five years.”

—Emily Laskin, Senior Vice President of Development, Art Center College of Design


“The work we have done with John Larson in Europe has been extremely helpful in our efforts to maximize customer loyalty. There was nothing lost in translation between America and Europe—the ideas presented in Capturing Loyalty span cultures and industries seamlessly.”


—Birgit Fleurent, Chief Marketing Officer, Accuray International

“How I wish so many of the 400+ companies we have helped restructure over the past 25 years would have embraced the insights of Capturing Loyalty. Larson and McClellan’s argument to “fire dissatisfied customers” and instead re-allocate scarce corporate resources to converting satisfied customers to highly satisfied customers rings quite true.”

—Thomas P. Mullaney, Managing Director, Restructuring Services, Jones Lang LaSalle

“Capturing Loyalty stimulates one to explore further the importance to any business of having a value proposition that is understood and appreciated by employees as well as Customers.”

—Robert S. Attiyeh, Former Chief Financial Officer, Amgen Corporation

“In today’s economic environment, if you are not working relentlessly to maximize customer loyalty then you'd better be running a monopoly. With the level, intensity and continuous change in competition in the marketplace these days there is simply no such thing as a static customer pool or relationship. Capturing Loyalty shows you clearly how to keep more of the customers who walk through your door.”

—Tom Leppert, Former CEO of large companies in five industries and mayor of a major U.S. city

“John and Bennett were two of the most talented consultants I worked with at McKinsey, and they have now come together again to capture important insights they gained there and over the decades since. Larson’s considerable body of research establishes without doubt the powerful drivers of customer loyalty, and the important insight that loyalty is nonlinear. Their work on the drivers of customer loyalty and the organizational changes needed to capture it are important additions to management science. This is a must read for the entire C-suite.”

—Henry DeNero, former McKinsey Senior Partner, corporate executive, and board member

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